We’re only about four and a half months into 2017, but a lot of great music has already come out of it. I’ve decided to compile a list of my favorite songs to come out of this year as of yet.


A 15-year-old pop star on the rise – sound familiar? We all have our own expectations of teen pop and most of it seems to be negative, derived from the endless stream of music with little variety or meaning being thrown at us. Billie Eilish delivers something entirely different from what we’ve come to expect; a unique and refreshing sound and image. “Bellyache” sounds dreamy and light, but at the same time melancholic. The music itself is also mismatched, with guitar backing the verses, and a synth-heavy chorus. It’s a dozen different experiences all in one song.


Lil Uzi Vert has gone places not many other rappers at the moment dare to go. His music explores the genre in different ways and he’s always experimenting with it. “XO TOUR Llif3” is a perfect example. The song itself is dark and sad, but he doesn’t exactly sing it in a sad way, but more of a casual manner in the beginning that gradually builds over time. Uzi is definitely one of the most unique rappers in the game right now.


“Say Something Loving” is a nostalgic trip. Sampling a single line from the Alessi Brothers’ 1977 song “Do You Feel It?” – “Before it slips away” – adds to the evocative sentiment. It describes a yearning – for the past, for love, for something forgotten. Everything comes together to create something that evokes feelings of desire and takes you back.


While many seemed to prefer Lana Del Rey’s first single released from upcoming album – “Love” – something drew me to the titular song instead. Lana and fellow artist The Weeknd have created something provocative and alluring. Where “Love” to me captured the innocence of young love, “Lust For Life” marks a time of sexual awakening. It’s darker, more adult. The collaboration works well, with intoxicating, passionate vocals from both singers.


This single from Gorillaz newest album Humanz definitely has some differences from their previous work. The verses are done by Jamaican rapper Popcaan, who’s heavily autotuned voice sets up a certain haunting yet robotic feel for the track. Damon Albarn (2-D) sings the chorus in a hushed, almost strained voice. The music itself is trap/hip-hop influenced, and in the background opera singing can be faintly heard. Each aspect of the song comes together to become something only Gorillaz could pull off,