“Lust For Life ” – Lana Del Rey’s title track of her upcoming album set to drop sometime this year with no official release date as of now – which features The Weeknd, has been released on Youtube about a week and a half ago.

This is the second track released so far from Lana Del Rey’s anticipated album, the first being “Love”, however both songs currently released from it take on their own individual sounds.


“Love” has a nostalgic feel, one that seems like a call-back to the singer’s previous work, that could easily fit in to all of her prior albums. “Lust For Life”, however, sounds pretty different from Lana Del Rey’s past work.

With Del Rey’s breathy, ethereal vocals and surreal music mixed with The Weeknd’s soft singing intertwined, this song take on a new tone altogether. The overall vocals and arrangement would fit best on Honeymoon, but it definitely seems like a separate entity from anything she’s done before.

My hope for the album is that it contains some variety, and if “Love” and “Lust For Life” are any indicators, then it will. I’m looking forward to hearing the album in its entirety when it’s released.