Harry Styles’ debut single “Sign of the Times” has been released a mere three days ago and has already been able to earn itself over 12 million views here on YouTube.

The song opens with a somber piano tune, leading up to a grand crescendo before the chorus. As far as lyrics go, they aren’t too deep, but I don’t think they really need to be. It’s simple, yet also has an element of something more under the surface.

The song brings a sort of glam rock, 70s-esque sound to the table, seemingly in an effort to escape the bubblegum pop sound he and his former bandmates were well-known for.

Styles was able to show off his vocal range more-so than he was ever really able to back during his career in the hugely successful boyband One Direction, between belting and falsetto. His solo career seems so far like a definite departure from his boyband years, but I think it’s a welcome change seeing as how he will now be able to go his own route musically.


Overall, the British musician’s solo career certainly seems promising based on this debut single. I have a feeling I’m definitely going to be a fan of Styles’ new music and look forward to hearing his upcoming releases.